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Farmhouse Dining Table

With removable turned legs.

78cm high - 62cm clearance height.

Farmhouse Table

Shaker Style Dining Table

With removable tapered (or straight) legs.

78cm high - 62cm clearance height.

Shaker Style Table

3ft x 3ft

92w x 92d

Pine £300

Oak £545

4ft x 3ft

122w x 92d

Pine £355

Oak £695

5ft x 3ft

153w x 92d

Pine £410

Oak £845

6ft x 3ft

183w x 92d

Pine £465

Oak £995

7ft x 3ft

214w x 92d

Pine £520

Oak £1145

8ft x 3ft

244w x 92d

Pine £575

Oak £1295

Farmhouse Coffee Table

With turned legs - 48cm high.

Farmhouse Coffee Table

Shaker Style Coffee Table

With tapered (or straight) legs - 48cm high.

Shaker Style Coffee Table

2ft x 2ft

61w x 61d

Pine £165

3ft x 2ft

92w x 61d

Pine £195

4ft x 2ft

122w x 61d

Pine £225

Dressing Tables

Available in two sizes with one or two drawers.

Legs are non-removable, either turned or slightly tapered (shaker style).

Dressing table tops can be painted, stained pine or oiled oak.

76cm high - 62cm clearance height.

One Drawer Dressing Table
Two Drawer Dressing Table

40" - 1 Drawer

102w x 46d

Pine £295

40" - 2 Drawer

102w x 46d

Pine £310

48" - 2 Drawer

122w x 46d

Pine £325

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