Our shop Bells of Suffolk is now closed, thank you for your valued custom through the years.

Carved Birds

Our stunning range of wooden sculptures are individually hand carved and painted by Fair Trade craftsmen. Sculpted from sustainable wood, each carving is a unique and individual piece. Each bird  is mounted on an aged, natural wood base.

Bearded Tit

With beautiful markings, this pretty little bird looks poised for action amongst its home in the reedbeds.

24cm tall


Lapwing & Chick

Also known as the Peewit because of its distinctive call, this bird, with its lovely crest is found in farmland areas.

27cm tall



This stocky little bird with its brightly painted bill and striking markings is a beautiful sight on our clifftops.

18cm tall


Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

The male with his distinctive red crown is seen here feeding a chick whose head is just peeping out of the tree trunk nest.

25cm tall


Longtailed Tits

Pretty little birds with their long tails and busy habit, often seen forming groups with other tits in the winter months.

30cm tall


Owl Hanger

These two little owls sitting on their wooden perch will bring a smile to anyone’s face, perfect as a gift.

25cm wide


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