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Libby Ballard Ceramics

Libby Ballard Ceramics

We are pleased to offer a beautiful range of hand-thrown ceramics by the wonderfully talented Libby Ballard.

Each piece is hand thrown by Libby in her studio and made with care and attention from start to finish.  Libby loves to create her work so that it's a pleasure to drink from, eat from or just to sit back and admire!

Libby's ceramics are made from a flecked Stoneware Clay that is mixed from a blend of two different clays. They are individually hand thrown on the potter’s wheel, starting from a ball of clay, and are then left to harden overnight. The bases are then tied up and any handles will be added. Each piece is then left to dry completely and then bisque fired.

Pieces are then glazed in her own unique glaze recipes that are mixed from a selection of ingredients. The bases are then wiped clean of any glaze and fired again to 1260 degrees. From start from finish, it takes Libby over 2 weeks to complete the process for each of her ceramics.

"Coastal" Mug

10cm x 10cm


"Hazy Skyline" Dinky Cup

10cm x 7cm


"Misty Morning" Dinky Cup

10cm x 7cm


"Sea Dawn" Dinky Cup

10cm x 7cm


"Coastal" Medium Vase

9cm x 16cm


"Coastal" Handleless Jug

7cm x 10cm


"Coastal Indigo" Egg Cup

4.5cm x 5cm


"Coastal Light Blue" Egg Cup

4.5 cm x 5cm


Mini Planters

6.5cm x 6.5cm


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